Microphone ear acoustics

In order to study the influence of hearing aid microphones positioned on the wearer, First to see ear in hearing process in the by played of role. Sonic from ear, ear road, middle ear to tympanic membrane Shi, voice of spectrum will occurred change. According to Shaw (1975) of research, caused voice from outside to tympanic membrane of changes of for has: ear, skull and body on voice of diffuse, ear and inner ear formed of resonance effect and so on. because ear, skull and body from different direction voice of diffuse, so caused voice from outside to tympanic membrane changes of main factors is voice of incident angle. voice from outside to tympanic membrane caused all direction Shang of differences, for listening to who identify voice is once upon a also is from Hou, from Shang also is from Xia provides has important of information ... However, not just the ear helps listeners locate sound sources. voice reached the ears of the time difference and intensity differences could also help the listener to determine where the sound source (David seaman and Tovman, 1985; Dillon, 2001).