The Basic Classification Of The Microphone

According to the principle of acoustic and electric conversion is divided into: electric (moving-coil, strip), capacitance

(DC-polarized), piezoelectric (Crystal, ceramic-type), as well as the electromagnetic type, carbon, such as semiconductor.

According to field force divided into:-pressure, differential pressure, modular, line-column, and so on.

According to the signal transmission is divided into: Wired and wireless.

According to purpose are divided into: measurement microphone microphone, recording microphone, voice microphones, musical instruments, and so on.

Directivity is divided into: heart-shaped, sharp, heart-shaped, Super, heart-shaped, bi-directional (Figure 8), Omni (Omni).

Electret microphone small size, low cost, widely used in telephones, mobile phones and other devices.

Micro-silicon microphone based on CMOSMEMS technology, smaller. Consistency consistency than electret capacitor microphone 4 times more than double microphone array with MEMS microphone especially suitable for high performance applications, which matches better microphone improves sound wave forms and to reduce the noise.

Laser microphones used in the hacking.